Collateral Beauty

USA, 97 minutes, in English with Spanish Subtitles After the death of his young daughter, Howard (Will Smith), who works as a New York advertising executive, retreats from life. While his concerned friends try... leer más

A Woman’s face

Sweden, 100 minutes, in Swedish with English Subtitles Ingrid Bergman stars as Anna Holm, a woman whose bitter feelings, about her facial disfigurement in a childhood accident, turn her into the hardened leade... leer más


USA/France, 100 min. in English with Spanish subtitles Manual Jordan (Billy Bob Thornton) gets released after doing 23 years in prison for killing a 22 year-old during an attempted robbery in his youth. Not ha... leer más


USA, 116 min. in English with SPANISH subtitles When twelve mysterious craft appear around the globe, linguistics expert Louise Banks (Amy Adams) is recruited to interpret the language of the visitors. As mank... leer más