A Hologram for the King

USA, 104 min. in English with Spanish subtitles “Do you ever feel you might have done it differently?” is the question that Alan Clay (Tom Hanks) asks himself. Clay is a middle-aged businessman who just isn’... leer más

An Unfinished Life

USA, 89 minutes, in English with Spanish Subtitles                                 Einar (Robert Redford), a stoic former rancher who developed a serious drinking problem, quietly lives in the rugged Wyoming ... leer más


USA, 88 minutes, in English and Spanish without Subtitles Paterson is a bus driver in the city of Paterson, New Jersey. Every day, he drives his daily route, where he observes the city as it drifts across his ... leer más

Trouble with the curve

USA,111 min. in English with Spanish subtitles For decades Gus (Clint Eastwood), a cantankerous talent scout for the Atlanta Braves whose old-school methods are on the outs, has been one of baseball's best sco... leer más

The Straight Story

USA, 90 min. in English without subtitles Richard Farnsworth stars as Alvin Straight, now at an age when his eyesight denies him the ability to drive. Alvin lives a quiet life with his daughter Rose (Sissy Spa... leer más