septiembre, 2018

15sep2:00 pmCrop CirclesFilms from the heart of life2:00 pm

Ficha Técnica

Terje Toftenes, Norway, 72 min. in English without subtitles

Crop Circles are intricate geometric formations that occur in fields in over 52 countries, with a particular high concentration in southern England each summer. Although reported as early as the 17th century, Crop Circles began drawing greater attention in the mid-1970s and began to appear with regularity and complexity since the early 1980s. They appear mainly in fields of cereal crops such as wheat and barely. In genuine Crop Circles, the stems are partially flattened, and entangled or intertwined. Some of these formations appear overnight in fields in the UK, where there is only four to five hours of darkness, and are 800 to 1,000 feet across. This award-winning film explores the phenomena in detail, with never before seen video footage as well as stunning areal photos, and interviews with leading researchers. “An engaging, compelling and provocative film about the exquisite mysteries of Crop Circles.”